Pastel Colours

Today’s post is very short (but sooo beautiful): Pastel tops and shirts seem to be everywhere right now. I like their fresh and innocent look. – Just the ideal colour scheme to welcome the spring! What about you – would you wear them? Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

Nail Art

Photo by Franzi The picture above shows you a small fraction of my own nail polish collection. It’s a bit funny because I nearly NEVER wear painted nails. But when I discover a new colour, I just can’t let it go and have to carry it home. – Always with the big resolution that it …

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Desirable Peacock Style

(Male) Peacocks are fascinating creatures. Spread out, their iridescent tail feathers take more than 60 percent of the bird’s total body length. The colorful „eye“ markings of blue, gold and red are used for mating rituals and females choose their partner depending on the size, colour and quality of the peacock’s feather train.1 Therefore, it’s …

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Flaming Reds

It is still incredibly freezing. Yesterday, my train took one hour longer than on normal days because of frozen rail switches 🙁 So it’s time to bring the heat back into the country. Maybe it works with these flaming red clothes. Red is not a trend. It’s a colour that will always be stylish. In …

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Modcloth, Fancytreehouse and Gorman

While searching the net for new looks and clothes three interesting shops drew my attention during in the last weeks: Modcloth (indie), Fancytreehouse (vintage) and Gorman (australian). All of them selling inspirational, creative and often colourful items with a certain twist. I picked two favorites of me from each shop to give you an idea… …

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Since some of you out there asked me, if I could make a post about braids and since I am happy to fulfill your wishes, here it comes – a braid post 🙂 I am really not an expert in making braids by myself and I have to admit that often I have no clue …

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