What’s your colour? Today: Redheads!

Today I would like to start a small hair journey with you. It will bring us through a variety of styles and colours and should be an inspiration for everyone who, like me, feels temporarily a bit bored about the own head. I think that every colour and cut is somehow special and has the potential to underly the character of the person who is wearing it. Lets start with colour, but with a rare one: RED! Only 1-2% of the human population a real redheads. Oh, and there are spread so many beliefs about them: They should not only have fiery temperaments, but also be highly sexed and often sanguine and wild.  Personally, I think one should not stereotype a person because of the hair colour. Every redhead is different and I’m very sure that you will find some shy persons among them (Through I have to admit, that the redheads in my circle of friends do not belong to this group 😉 ). But no matter whether the red hair colour comes from nature or dye, I adore reheads and love to look at everyone who wears his red with proud!

Do you like redheads? Do you think the believes about their temper fits?

Beautiful Redhead 1, Beautiful Redhead 2, Beautiful Redhead 3, Beautiful Redhead 4, Beautiful Redhead 5, Beautiful Redhead 6 … Do you know the last girl? It’s coolest vampire in the smartest series ever (True Blood – obviously).

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