My Looks

Pic by Franzi

 Wow, you can change your look quite often in 30 years, apparently…. And this is only a very small glimpse into my personal photo collection. I have to admit, there are some years that are just not allowed to be seen by the public EVER. Like, do you still remember the time where owl shaped galsses were fashionable? Unfortunately, I am… Or the time of neon colours and XXL sweaters? I also have evidence for this area. Or blue satin trousers? Yes indeed, I wore them too…

And what’s about all these hair styles? During the last decade I started with long, very blond hair. Then it was shorter, but still very blond. Then longer with blond highlights. Then my natural hair colour (light brown) and short. And now, finally light brown and again longer… It’s really incredible how time runs and with it the trends!

What was your worst look ever?

8 Kommentare zu „My Looks“

  1. I would love to see those pictures that you are still hiding!!! I bet they are hilarious… You’ll get to see my worst look EVER tomorrow. Well, after that couple of wines at the restaurant. You might lack memorizing abilities by then… c ya tomorrow young lady

    1. I can’t await to see it 😀 ! And my BAD pics are hidden at a very secret place…together with all those videos… Happy to see you tomorrow!

        1. They are not (and will never be) on Henry or any other PC 😉 No chance for you, little bro. And BTW, you were there in the past. Don’t you remember?!

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