All year long, please: Ankle Boots

My dear fashion industry, why are you torturing me? Why aren’t there any ankle boots available in the stores right now? I know it’s getting warmer and warmer and that all every girl is asking now is: „Where are the ballet flats and peep toes?“ But hey, there are also some cooler days – and even worse, some wet. And in this case, what fits better with a cute dress than ANKLE BOOTS?! I am in really bad need here, because the heels of my old ones are broken and every time I wear them it sounds as if I have peg legs. Thus, please – bring them back to the stores (like:NOW!)!

And these are the rare pairs I found while looking around the web for help:

by Onlineshoes via Amazon

by Esprit via Zalando

by Shoot via Otto

by Görtz17

by Uniqua via Amazon

by Your Style via Amazon.

It’s funny to write this in LOOK post, but neverthess: Happy B-day, Pa!

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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