Pastel Colours

Today’s post is very short (but sooo beautiful): Pastel tops and shirts seem to be everywhere right now. I like their fresh and innocent look. – Just the ideal colour scheme to welcome the spring!

What about you – would you wear them?

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4 Kommentare zu „Pastel Colours“

  1. Looks a bit like Miami Vice to me. So winter was back to the 60s and spring is back to the 80s. No new ideas available in that industry as it seems. 😉

  2. There are never real new ideas if you ask me. It’s always „oh bootcut jeans? we had those when your mom was young and now they’re back..“. I loooove these pastel colours, though I’m not the type who can really put it off 🙁 I’d wear them nonetheless, expecially those Mango sweaters… *drooling*

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