Earring Obsession

If you now me in person, you will not be surprised to hear that I’m slightly obsessed with earrings. It would be hard to estimate the number of pairs I own, but I can tell you they are many. I prefer to wear the long, dangling versions, but lately I saw some cute studs that I would also absolutely like to possess. In my opinion, earrings are just the icing on the cake for a perfect overall impression…

What about you? Do you wear earrings and do you prefer studs or the long ones? Tell me!

Clouds…  by KazeNG (Dawanda).

Brown leather… by Topshop.

Hexagons… by paper&chain.

Colourful… by Knopf und Kragen (Dawanda).

Enamel… by Katasthings (Dawanda).

Orange-white beauties… via endless.

Romantic style… by dasjulchens (Dawanda).

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

5 Kommentare zu „Earring Obsession“

  1. Hey Franzi – of course i know that about you – but how about you post one big picture with all of your earrings on it..? I love those tangling ones you have and it keeps impressing me so might be others enjoy them too? Btw, yesterday at badminton training, there was this guy with a ‚badminton racket‘ pin in his left earlobe.. haha i wondered wether he had the shuttlecock in his right one..

    1. Funny, sitting in the train this morning I just thought , „damm it, I should have posted my own collection as well“ :). Thus, I promise to catch up on it somehow. A SHUTTLECOCK PIN?! Wow, that would be a clear clash between my earring obsession and my shuttlecock phobia. Insane…

      1. Funny we had the same thought 😉 Well i didn’t know about your shuttlecock phobia.. maybe you should do a post about the phobias sometimes – like the rarest ones for instance? i guess i have never met anyone who is afraid of those things before..

        1. i like earrings as well also i wear them only occasionally. maybe you should post a picture of your collection as an extra of this post, so that we all are satisfied 😉
          and i also like the idea of a post about phobias and can also offer a rare one (i think its rare but maybe i am wrong, but i ´ve never met anyone with mine before).
          and there are so many crazy phobias i had never heard before i looked at wikipedia (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phobien) (but this is only a small percentage of all phobias) i liked especially Paraskavedekatriaphobie.

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