Fall Memories!

I can not longer deny it: The leaves are turning red, the air gets a spicy scent, the weather behaves unforeseeable …the fall season knocks on our doors. Again – it’s the third (!) fall season since My so-called Luck was born (unbelievable – I know). During those last two years I wrote a lot of fall season inspired posts. Today, I thought it would be time to remember a few of them. Ah yes, now I also remember that I actually LOVE the fall season. So let’s stop this end-of-summer-blues and look forward to a golden fall!

The recipe for an apple-potato gratin is the proof that apples and potatoes are a delicious combination.

The leaves are turning colorful right now and our wardrobe is inspired by roost and mustard shades.

It’s a tradition: Every year I invite some friends over and then we eat onion tart and drink federweisser.

There’s so much to do and experience during the fall season… I made you a list of fall actions.

Pumpkins are everywhere right now! And that’s a very good thing – otherwise you couldn’t make a yummi pumpkin lasagna.

… or decorate your home with these beautiful DIY pumpkins.

I wish you a perfect week without too many fall storms 😉 !

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