Fall Actions!

Pic by Franzi

It’s incredible but with the beginning of September suddenly the air changes. Everything smells like dried leaves, somehow spicy. And without a warning it’s Fall! People change their outfits from super-short and airy to warm and comfy. Earthy colours appear everywhere around me. The sunlight produces these certain shades of autumnal atmosphere. I LOVE this season! Do you have special plans for the next months? I prepared you a small list of the Fall activities that nobody should miss out!

Have a last BBQ… wrapped in warm blankets.

Again: Go into the zoo …see how the animals prepare themselves for the cold season!

Go to a music concert …it’s incredible how many cool bands are on tour this fall. It’s impossible to decide for only a few of them!

Take a good friend with you and go to the movies! …Or even better: A Film Festival 😉

Spent a whole afternoon going through old magazines, take out your favorite articles and make space for new ones!

Have a nice cup of tea! …Black or green, whatever you like. What counts is only that you feel COZY!

Make a trip to the sea! …Honestly, this is my prefered sea season. It’s all rough and wild and lonely!

Make a bike trip with friends and family! …The yellow fields and colourful forests are absolutely beautiful right now!

(Like always) On rainy days: Go to a museum!

Raclette or Fondue with friends! …How can one spent an evening together in a better way?

Apple picking! …And then use them for baking apple pie! Yummi 🙂

Go running! The air is perfect now!

Collect colourful leaves and  chestnuts and beechnuts! …And  use them for handicrafts with kids!

Read all the books you bought throughout summer, that you never had enough time to read back then!

Prepare onion tart! …And enjoy it with a nice glass of Federweisser!

Go to the farmers market, buy a bunch of vegetables and cook yourself a warm, delicious soup!

…. Have a nice start into this fall week everyone!

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