The fascinating Process of Aging made visible by Anthony Cerniello!

Who really likes to think about the fact of aging? Me certainly not. Still it’s a fascinating process that every single being on this earth has to go through. Filmmaker Anthony Cerniello made the metamorphosis of an aging face now visible. Last Thanksgiving, he visited his friend Danielle who was celebrating a family reunion. With still photographer Keith Sirchio he shot portraits of her female relatives – from the youngest to the oldest. Then he scanned each photo to select the family members with the most similar bone structure. Subsequently the animators Nathan Meier and Edmund Earle morphed and animated the still photos to make them as lifelike as possible. Finally, artist George Cuddy smoothed out some small details. And voilá, here’s a mind-blowing film of the face of a child that turns old in only five minutes…

I wish you a weekend full of mind-blowing moments!

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