Frankfurt Book Fair 2017: New Novels & Authors Quotes! #FBM17

The best thing of the Frankfurt Book Fair? For me, it’s that you see and meet all those inspiring authors. I am always impressed by everything they have to say – about their books, life, society or politics. Here are some authors and their books I saw, plus some remarkable quotes.

I wish you an inspiring start into the new week!

Sasha Marianna Salzmann (left) talking about her first novel Außer Sich // Beside Yourself, which made it into the short-list of the German Book Prize. All pics by Franzi.


Since the beginning there’s the two of them, twins Alissa and Anton: In the small two-bedroom apartment in Moscow during the post-Soviet years and later, in Western Germany, where they roam the hallways of the asylum home. When Alissa has already dropped out of university, Anton disappears without a trace. Eventually, a postcard arrives from Istanbul – no text, no return address. Alissa sets out on a search in the torn city by the Bosporus and within her own family history – looking for her missing brother, but most of all, searching for the feeling of belonging that isn’t connected to one’s native country, mother tongue, or gender.

Sasha Marianna Salzmann regarding the dealing with the “underground” topic of gender fluidity in her book:

“Ovid und Shakespeare sind keine Underground-Schriftsteller gewesen. Queer war auch damals schon Thema und kam in deren Werken vor.” // “Ovid and Shakespeare were no underground authors. Queer  was  a topic already back then and present in their works.”

Sven Regener talking about his latest book Wiener Straße (made it to the long-list of the German Book Prize).


This fourth “Frank Lehmann”-novel narrates what happened before the first three books: Kreuzberg, Berlin, early 1980s – a surreal world of artists, squatters, freaks, punks and newly arrived Berliners. Anyone could be a hero. Anything could become the next big thing. Frank Lehmann, slacker by nature, together with two artist friends has to move house because their landlord and flatmate, Erwin, wants them out of the way now that he is to become a father. Chaotic times… and things finally escalate completely when a rival artist collective decides to copying Erwin’s new business idea of  a “bar plus gallery”, sparking an art war that may lead to ruin for everyone.

Sven Regener on why he wrote again about Frank Lehman:

“Man muss Romane schreiben, wie sie einem einfallen. {…} Bei mir ging das mit dem Schreiben los, als mir eine Figur zugelaufen ist, nämlich dieser Frank.” // “Novels appear as an idea to you. {…} I started writing when a character appeared in my mind – and this character was Frank Lehmann.”

Richard David Precht in an interview about his book Erkenne Dich Selbst // Know Yourself (the second book of a trilogy about the history of philosophy).


In the second volume of his three-part history of philosophy, Richard David Precht explores the development of Western thinking from the Renaissance to the end of the Age of Enlightenment.

Richard David Precht about Jean-Jacques Rousseau:

“Ein Arschloch deluxe. {…} Diese Schizophrenie, dass er Frauen ausnutzte und seine Kinder ins Findelheim steckte, aber die romantischsten Romane und einfühlsamsten Erziehungsromane seiner Zeit geschrieben hat.” // “An asshole deluxe. {…} This schizophrenia that he used women and sent his children into a foundling hospital, but wrote the most romantic novels and the most insightful Erziehungsromane (educational novels) of his time.”

Paula Hawkings (left) talking about her latest thriller Into the Water.


In the last days before her death, Nel called her sister. Jules didn’t pick up the phone, ignoring her plea for help. Now Nel is dead. They say she jumped. And Jules has been dragged back to the one place she hoped she had escaped for good, to care for the teenage girl her sister left behind. But Jules is afraid. Of her long-buried memories, of the old Mill House, of knowing that Nel would never have jumped. And most of all she’s afraid of the water, and the place they call the Drowning Pool…

Paula Hawkings about reading while working on a new book project:

“I do love to read non-fiction. As a novel author, reading non-fiction is a relaxed way of reading – without the risk of adopting foreign ideas.”

Ulla Hahn (right) talking about her book Wir werden erwartet // They Are Expecting Us .


This is the fourth (and last) novel of an autobiographic-inspired series by Ulla Hahn. It narrates the story of a young, gullible woman in the tumultuous years after 1968: Hilla Palm has the world at her feet. After a long search, the girl of humble origins has at last found where she belongs: to the world of literature and with Hugo, the man who accepts Hilla as she is, with all her bitter experiences. They discover love together and witness the 1968 upheavals, when everything seemed possible. But then fate puts a spoke in the wheel of her plans, and in desperation Hilla looks for support with people fighting for a more peaceful and fairer world. The philosophy of Marxism becomes her new spiritual home. She resolutely follows her convictions and in the end has to painfully realize that freedom without freedom of words is not possible.

Ulla Hahn about finally finishing her four-part series:

“Ich glaube mit dieser Erleichterung und Freude bin ich noch nie über eine Buchmesse gelaufen.” // “I believe I never walked along a book fair with this relief and happiness.”

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It’s Time: New Advent Calendar Ideas!


Upper Row: Activity Calendar by Mama.Pappa. Bubba. – For Travelers by let’s be creative! – The Stylish One by pattydoo Blog.
Lower Row: Quote Calendar by Dawanda/theartofvariety – Tote Calendar by Dawanda/mydearlove – For Kids by Dawanda/Leni+Zeus.

Wow, there we are again. Advent is coming closer: The X-Mas markets will opining soon and we really need to fill the advent calendars for our dearest ones now.

Will you be creative and craft one yourself or do you prefer buying an advent calendar? Let me know :)!

P.S. Helau!

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What I Learned at the re:publica 15! #rp15

RP15Pic by Franzi.

I already mentioned (several times) that I visited last week the re:publica. And here are the things I learned…

I wish you a wonderful start into the new week! May it be a relaxed one!

About the web 20 years ago:

“Around 1994 the web consisted of approximately 1,000 websites. You could spent a day on the web and think: ‘Oh, I saw the all of it.’ A week later you went back and watched the new sites.” Justin Hall

Alexander Gerst about the view onto our planet from space:

“We forget how tiny and fragile our Earth is in the universe. Looking down from space one becomes aware of it.”

About our atmosphere: “It is dazzling! Above the Earth is a small blue fluff and then comes the universe. Only this small fluff is what protects us from the radiation.”

“Europe is a sea of light.”

“We are an intelligent form of life. One can see that we are destroying our livelihood. I don’t know how to explain this to anyone.”

About cyber privacy & security:

“The biggest lie on the internet is the ‘I have read and agree to the license agreement’, because nobody is reading it.” Mikko Hypponin, F-Secure

The target groups you can choose when you promote a Twitter post: “Twitter can actually see what kind of cereal or alcohol you like or whether you are expecting a child within the next six months. How does Twitter know? Through your phone number!” Mikko Hypponin, F-Secure …The number connects the digital world and the real world.

“When Facebook bought WhatsApp, they actually  bought the phone numbers.” Mikko Hypponin, F-Secure

“Everyone who uses a Gmail account should definitely use a security key.” Eric Grosse, Google

About paying for web content:

“In 1994 we discussed the future of the web and wondered how people would pay for content. 20 years later there is still no easy way to pay for content online. {…} There must be a way to pay for (Google) content other than with people’s privacy. ” Mikko Hypponin, F-Secure

“Money isn’t lying. If a reader says: ‘I don’t want to pay for it’, you have to accept it.” Richard Gutjahr

About presenting yourself in the web:

“If you’re making a career in media communication you are expected to have a profile on the internet: On LinkedIn or Xing or a website.” Justin Hall

About our society’s media competence & hate campaigns:

Anne Wizorek (#aufschrei) asks the audience of around 400 people: “Who would feel confident to go to the police station with a death threat on Twitter and expect that they know what to do about it?” …Nobody.

About our intelligence services:

“The BND has become quite independent. The question is: ‘Who controls our intelligence services?” Selmin Çalışkan, Amnesty International

About data privacy topics:

“With the radical surveillance of today, the Jews who were hidden and rescued during WWII in Berlin would not have survived.” Harald Welzer, FUTURZWEI

“Americans doesn’t trust in democracy or in politics, NGOs or the media – they trust the military. It scares the hell out of me.”  Ethan Zuckerman

“We afford us the luxury of writing about EU data privacy topics. Other journalists would like that, too. But they told me that their last article regarding EU data policy were the less read article of that day.” Markus Beckedahl,

A career advice for entrepreneurs:

“I cannot hold back to take risks. It’s a lot more fun to take risks. And we take risks.” Reed Hastings, Netflix

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Wise Words From Carrie (Bradshaw)!

Let’s start into this week with some wise words from a serial charcacter I adore: Sex & the City’s Carry Bradshaw. I believe that she has a quote for nearly every moments in a gal’s life ;).

I wish you an inspiring start into this fresh week!

Carrie1Carrie2Carrie3Carrie4All pics by Franzi. Font: Ubuntu.

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Fall Dreams!

It’s mid September and fall 2014 has officially started! Time to plan ahead the next months: I have a lot of plans and cannot await to realize them all. Eating onion tart with my pals is just one of the many fall activities I’m looking forward to. So let’s do some fall dreaming!

I wish you a perfect start into a wonderful new week, filled with colorful days and the spicy scent of fall all around you!

Futureoftheretro fall…Colorful trees lining up the roads to new adventures! Via THEFUTUREOFTHERETRO.

Fall Quote2…That old September feeling! Pic by Franzi.

The hopeless wanderers fall…Picnics in wild allotment gardens! Via THE HOPELESS WANDERERS.

pumpkins moon and trees…Pumpkin time! Via moon & trees.

heading-northwest fall…Gatherings with friends on wild spots like in the mid of the forest! Via heading-northwest.

Fall Quote1…Like a billion of colorful flowers! Pic by Franzi.

fall hanging arround whiskandwhittle…Let’s have a comfy hang around! Via whisk and whittle.

fall apples lowcat…Apples, apples, apples! And more apples! Via lowcat.

jenny_heavenly-apple-cake-food52…One simply has to bake apple pie! Recipe via Food52.

freewindv7 fall… Stunning colors everywhere! Via Flickr.

…And my personal background music for fall 2014: Fritz Kalkbrenner – Back home!

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Tea Bag Quotes!

“A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Some weeks ago, a good friend of mine drank a yogi tea. The little quote on her tea bag said: “Be realistic. Expect every day a miracle”. She liked the quote and put it into her purse. One week later she suddenly got a new job in the city she planned to move to, a new car as a present from her parents and also a wonderful yoga teacher (who declared that she will move at the end of this year into the same city as my friend). Every day a miracle happened. Certainly, all this would have happened anyway, but through the quote the focus of my friend was directed onto these events with more intensity. So, she appreciated every “miracle” a lot more than she would have done otherwise. I also like those little tea bag quotes – they are small reminders of what life is really about during our stressful everyday lives. So, I started to make pictures of them with my phone and here are the quotes of the last two weeks…

I will share more tea bag quotes with you in my new (!) twitter account (@MySoCalledLuck) …just in case you would like to follow me 😉

I wish you a wonderful start into the new week. May it be full of miracles!

Tea Quote 6“Someone in love looks at a flower in another way than a camel.”

Tea Quote 5“Realization is something one cannot learn.”

Tea Quote 4“Together we achieve what isn’t possible alone.”

Tea Quote 3“Let the silence speak to you.”

Tea Quote 2“Happiness is found by those, who will bring happiness.”

Tea Quote 1“Perfection is to  harm nobody.”

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Notes of Berlin!

Notes of Berlin is a blog that has the intention to “be an homage to all the notes that are left in the Berlin cityscape day in, day out”. It’s a funny collection of lines written down from (mostly) unknown authors who would like to let the world know how they feel, are searching someone or just wanna make passers-by feel curious. It’s incredible how many notes one can find in a single city. Next week, I will be in Berlin again and surely will look around for new notes that I could send to this awesome blog!

I wish you a nice start into the fresh week. Keep your eyes wide open for all the hidden treasures around you!

AA-Fhain_MaximTranslation: “Empathy is not available on the App Store” Credit

AA-Wiesbadener-Str_Friedenau_Touchpad-Theke-768x1024 Translation: “This is not a touchpad counter. Touching doesn’t effect anything.” Credit

AA-Tempelhofer-Flugfeld_NK_Angelika-b-837x1024 Translation: “On Monday, April 28, I received a wonderful watering can from an unknown {gardening} gnome and was VERY happy about it. Who are you? Will you visit me on Monday, May 5, around 7.30 pm?” Credit




Do you remember THIS post?

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Keep Calm… :) !

keep-calm-and-hop-on-49Credit … OR: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Monday, everyone! Holidays – no matter what kind of – seem to be always a bit crazy. It’s fun, but – crazy. Thus, I have to remind myself from time to time on the old motto “Keep calm and carry on” or, better fitting for today, “Keep calm and hop on”. …Ooooh, and there are literal millions of other “Keep calm and…” variations out there! Some of them really hit the mark, others make me smile or laugh out loud!

Have a fun start into the new week (…and hop on)!

keep-calm-and-hakuna-matata-1092Credit …OR: Don’t worry, be happy!

keep-calm-and-enjoy-this-day-7 Credit …Always the best way to act!

ffffoundCredit …True!

etsy Credit …True!

duck pinterest Credit …Made me laugh!

etsy coffeeCredit …Yes, please!

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Bookish Quotes!

It’s no secret that I’m a bookish person. In my opinion, books have the potential to save your mental health. There are times where I go into a bookshop or a library just to inhale the atmosphere and to calm down. I know no better preoccupation than to lay on the sofa with a cup of tea and a good book. Those three following quotes express exactly what I feel…

I wish you a week filled with many good stories!



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Clever Quotes!

I just spent the BEST late summer weekend in Berlin. We made a BBQ at a cool spot, we played beach volleyball (at least there was sand), we listened to some great street musicians and ate a delicious pizza. It’s still hard that the weather forecast says that we will have fall from today on… I am sad to let this summer go. Steinbeck once wrote “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”. Those were clever words that I have to remind myself of now. And here are more wise quotes from wise people…

I wish you a week worth of quoting in the future! Make it happy ones!!

Quote1… I know some people who should listen more to this advice from time to time. Source Quote

Quote7…I know this one from my own experience. Source Quote

Quote6…That’s what life is: No risk, no fun. And gosh, there are times where I wish for no risk at all! Source Quote

Quote5…Yup, I know this one. Too well. Source Quote

Quote4…I laughed out loud when I read this one. So geeky. The biologist inside me says: Chapeau! Source Quote

Quote2…It’s true. And sometimes hard to follow. But still… true. Source Quote

Quote3…I guess everyone has/had such a person in his or her life. And after many years you’re thinking: Yeah, now I know why I had to meet him/her. Hopefully. Source Quote

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