Keep Calm… :) !

Keep calm hop on … OR: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Monday, everyone! Holidays – no matter what kind of – seem to be always a bit crazy. It’s fun, but – crazy. Thus, I have to remind myself from time to time on the old motto „Keep calm and carry on“ or, better fitting for today, „Keep calm and hop on“. …Ooooh, and there are literal millions of other „Keep calm and…“ variations out there! Some of them really hit the mark, others make me smile or laugh out loud!

Have a fun start into the new week (…and hop on)!

Keep calm an hakuna matata …OR: Don’t worry, be happy!

 Keep calm and enjoy this day …Always the best way to act!

Keep calm and ride on …True!

 Keep calm and read a book …True!

 Keep calm and never trust a duck …Made me laugh!

Keep calm and make coffee …Yes, please!

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