In Memoriam of a Princess…

Pink roses for a princess who stated “A dash of pink is always a good idea!” Pic by Franzi.

Last Thursday a friend lost her battle against cancer. She was a hell of a fighter and will be missed forever.

I am incredibly thankful to knew her and for all the happy hours we had together. Never will I forget her singing this song or her sleepwalking or her homemade jams or her being able to be ready in the morning in only 5 minutes (max) or her or wild dance in a car full of helium-filled balloons at her hen night or her love of karaoke or her first attempts on a snowboard or her being “kidnapped” by some unfriendly police-officers or the situation in which I realized she was pregnant or her socks on the bath mat in our first winter vacations or all those other small events that we were able to enjoy together. …Or the moment she came back into the life of one of my besties, as her so-called “fortune cookie”.

She also was the big luck of another dear friend of mine – she was the mother of his son and his newly wed wife. …Those two people were the reason she fought this hard. T & H: Thanks for being at her side during this battle and all the strength you gave her.

I am grateful to had her into my life, in the life of my friends and for every intensive moment we were able to experience in the last year – despite all odds. Now that her fight is over, we will carry her in our hearts. To enjoy every moment – that is what she taught as during those last months.

Goodbye princess C. You will be in our hearts forever.

I wish you a week full of memorable moments. Enjoy every second!

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The Things I Couldn’t Live Without: Friends!

BF FriendsPicture Credit

If you a wondering if the February Favs 2015 post is still in the pipeline the answer is YES :). BUT it’s this special week of the year again: Winter vacations! Hooray!! That means I’m out of the internet game for seven whole days. But don’t you worry – I prepared a small treat for My so-called Luck: Everyday I will reveal one thing I cannot live without. Very brief but made as an inspiring daily moment for you my dear readers.

The very first thing I couldn’t ever live without are – obviously – my friends. The guys of my inner circle who are there for me whenever and wherever. For coffee talks, drinking shots on top of the mountains, for dancing the souls out of our bodies, for carrying around their kids, big belly hurting laughs but also for these moments I cry my heart out. My friends are the greatest thing in my world!

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week: Break a leg! // Good Luck! … I will try to avoid the first one 😉

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Topic of the Week: Dining with Friends!

Dining with FriendsPicture Credit

What did you do this last weekend? Maybe you met up with a couple of friends? Did you share a good piece of pizza with each other? Or maybe you made a BBQ? Or even a picnic? There are a million ways to come together and enjoy a good time with good talks, good company, good food and not seldom a good bottle of wine. Lately, I rediscovered the power of those evenings. Even if your day was slightly boring or depressing, a good laugh with friends at dinner on your balcony, in your living room or in your garden can easily save your day. Afterwards you feel relaxed and are looking forward to the next time you will all meet. That’s why I dedicated this week to the topic Dining with Friends. It does not require much to share a good meal with the people you like. Those are the important ingredients:

* A nice place to meet-up:
Your kitchen table, a picnic blanket, a balcony, a garden … Every tiny spot can feel comfy. Just lit a few candles, maybe choose some relaxed background music and this is it.

* Offer something delicious to eat:
This has not to be something extraordinary or complicated. Most times a good piece of pizza, a lasagna or a big bowl of pasta is more welcome than any fancy stuff.

A nice bunch of people:
It doesn’t matter if you are only two or fifty. As long as you enjoy your time together and there are stories to share you will have a wonderful time!

I wish you a good start into the new week with many hours shared with friends!

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Suse… or: Wedding Time!

SuseSuse & me 1999 in France.

It happens only seldom that I use My so-called Luck to write about private issues. Today is such a day and it will be the most private it can get because I write about one of the three girls who really belong to my inner circle: Suse. Suse will marry a very decent guy this week. She’s the first of us who will go down the aisle and I think that is a very good reason to become a bit sentimental.

I met Suse when I changed the school in the 8th grade. She was the new class made with the strange violet sweater. It was maybe not love at first sight between us, but very soon we shared a bench and one step after the other we became closer and closer. Later we went together to France in our holidays, where we not only got in touch with Bacchus the god of wine himself, but also fell in love with the city of Montpellier and stupid club dance choreographies (Mambo No. Five was a big hit back then). In San Sebastián (not only we) forget our inhibitions and no one will ever see those pics beside us. During our study times the geographic distance between us grew wider, but there was always a reason to meet in Halle, Berlin or Osnabrück to experience new adventures – one of my favorites was a weekend spent with painting Suse’s flat and transporting all the therefore needed stuff (yes, also the ladder) in her tiny cabriolet (thank god it did not rain that day). There were a lot shared experiences, there were ups and downs. We grew with every new story and became the people we are today. Now Suse found a male counterpart who makes her happy and they will marry this week. I am proud to share this new adventure with them and to be their maid of honour. It will be one more beautiful experience of a lot that are still awaiting us!

I wish you all a beautiful new week and a good start into this fresh month! Let’s celebrate every single day of it!

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The List OR Nights with Friends!

the listPic by Franzi.

Since a few months, I start into my weekends together with a bunch of nice people. We sit together, drink a good wine and have an easy chat about our past days and our plans for the weekend. It’s our new ritual and a very nice way to finish ones working days and start to relax. In this circle of friends also another idea evolved: Every time we talk about something we didn’t do (e.g. having a game night or do some handicrafts together…) or didn’t eat (e.g. cheese fondue, cheese soup, crazy cakes…) or didn’t watch (e.g. old Louis de Funès movies) for a long time, we write these things down onto a list. We also decide who of our group will be responsible for each new noted point. And with performing these great ideas step by step at our next meetings, our nights (or also days) together are always a big fun. This week we all participated at a murder mystery dinner. And there was a lot more: In the past months, we ate a lot of stuff with cheese (soup, fondue, cheese hedgehogs) and had great movie nights. And there will follow more meetings with these friends, performing new points of our list (I am responsible for preparing a “Cold Dalmatian” next time – something crazy in between a cake and a praline). I think such a list is a perfect tool to boost these always fantastic nights together even more!

Do you also have something like this with your friends? What would be the points you would note down on such a list?

I wish all of you a good start into a new week filled with a lot of fresh plans!

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Friendship Books

My Friendship Book from 1994

Do you still remember Friendship Books from your adolescence? In Germany we called them ‘Freundebuch’ back then and I own at least three from several time periods, where I always filled out the very first sheet of questions by myself. They were often decorated with hundreds of stickers or drawings and the answers still make me laugh out loud every time I open one of them. Some friends inside of them were long forgotten until I rediscovered their entries and some friends count still to my inner circle of best pals. Sometimes I wonder how especially those guys knew already 20 years ago what they want from life and how they already could have had such a good taste in music or literature (…and me not).Today, I would like to present you some of my answers from 1994 in comparison with today. Hilarious, isn’t it?

Do you also had a friendship book? Do you still posses it? Are you having a look inside it from time to time?

Click to enlarge!