Suse… or: Wedding Time!

SuseSuse & me 1999 in France.

It happens only seldom that I use My so-called Luck to write about private issues. Today is such a day and it will be the most private it can get because I write about one of the three girls who really belong to my inner circle: Suse. Suse will marry a very decent guy this week. She’s the first of us who will go down the aisle and I think that is a very good reason to become a bit sentimental.

I met Suse when I changed the school in the 8th grade. She was the new class made with the strange violet sweater. It was maybe not love at first sight between us, but very soon we shared a bench and one step after the other we became closer and closer. Later we went together to France in our holidays, where we not only got in touch with Bacchus the god of wine himself, but also fell in love with the city of Montpellier and stupid club dance choreographies (Mambo No. Five was a big hit back then). In San Sebastián (not only we) forget our inhibitions and no one will ever see those pics beside us. During our study times the geographic distance between us grew wider, but there was always a reason to meet in Halle, Berlin or Osnabrück to experience new adventures – one of my favorites was a weekend spent with painting Suse’s flat and transporting all the therefore needed stuff (yes, also the ladder) in her tiny cabriolet (thank god it did not rain that day). There were a lot shared experiences, there were ups and downs. We grew with every new story and became the people we are today. Now Suse found a male counterpart who makes her happy and they will marry this week. I am proud to share this new adventure with them and to be their maid of honour. It will be one more beautiful experience of a lot that are still awaiting us!

I wish you all a beautiful new week and a good start into this fresh month! Let’s celebrate every single day of it!

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  1. oh mein Gott, ich habe ja jetzt schon Tränen in den Augen. Es ist mir eine riesige Ehre Dich als meine Trauzeugin und beste Fraundin zu haben. Danke!

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