The Things I Couldn’t Live Without: Friends!

If you a wondering if the February Favs 2015 post is still in the pipeline the answer is YES :). BUT it’s this special week of the year again: Winter vacations! Hooray!! That means I’m out of the internet game for seven whole days. But don’t you worry – I prepared a small treat for My so-called Luck: Everyday I will reveal one thing I cannot live without. Very brief but made as an inspiring daily moment for you my dear readers.

The very first thing I couldn’t ever live without are – obviously – my friends. The guys of my inner circle who are there for me whenever and wherever. For coffee talks, drinking shots on top of the mountains, for dancing the souls out of our bodies, for carrying around their kids, big belly hurting laughs but also for these moments I cry my heart out. My friends are the greatest thing in my world!

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week: Break a leg! // Good Luck! … I will try to avoid the first one 😉

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