Cheese Salad!

Pic by Franzi. This may be the most unhealthy and heavy salad ever. But I had this crazy cheese salad craving this week and prepared me one big delicious bowl ;). Recipe: Serves 2-3. Ingredients: 200 g cubed Elemental cheese, 125 g blue cheese (thinly sliced or crumbled), 4 TblSps mayonnaise, 4 TblSps yoghurt, a […]

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Pic by Franzi. Here comes one of the many dishes we prepared during the last two weeks on our summer vacations. This one is an Italian classic: Panzanella! It’s easy to prepare (but needs some time to marinate) and tastes like a day in Tuscany! Recipe: Serves 4. Ingredients: 2 loaves of one day old

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Spaghetti Salad!

Pic by Franzi. Here comes a new variant of the good old pasta salad: Spaghetti salad – with peas, lettuce, grated cheese and a dash of mayonnaise. Perfect for BBQs or fish dishes :). Recipe: Serves 2-3. Ingredients: 250 g spaghetti (cooked and drained), a handful of lettuce leaves (washed), 50 g tinned peas (drained),

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Carrot Salad!

Pic by Franzi. Since I am the proud owner of a Kitchen Aid, a classic salad of my childhood is back on my meal plan: Carrot salad with lemon juice! It’s bright orange, sweet and juicy. Delicious/healthy childhood memories! Recipe: Serves 3-4. Ingredients: 1 kg carrots (cleaned or peeled), juice from 2-3 lemons, sugar, 1

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Pumpkin & Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese!

Pic by Franzi. Another newly discovered & delicious pumpkin recipe I will add to my autumn-must-do-recipe list: A roasted pumpkin-spinach salad, topped with crumbled goat cheese. Yummi! Recipe:  Ingredients: 1 medium Hokkaido pumpkin, 3 TblSps pistachios,  4 TblSps olive oil, salt, pepper, 425 ml chickpeas, 150 g baby spinach, 1 bunch of fresh chives, 1

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