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Momentaufnahmen meines Lebens!

Ein nächtlicher Spaziergang durch die Speicherstadt – immer ein Foto wert 🙂 (Hamburg, 14. Februar 2019)

Es ist Februar und es fühlt sich an wie April. Das muss natürlich genossen werden und so habe ich die letzten Tage größtenteils draußen verbracht. Auch sonst war wieder viel los in den letzten vier Wochen: Es gab die alljährliche Kohltour, den Valentinstag, verdammt leckeres Essen und viel Zeit im schönen Hamburg.

Ich wünsche Euch einen wunderbaren Start in eine Woche voll guter Laune :)!

Kohltour 7.0! (Hamburg – Eppendorf, 2. Februar 2019)

Eine wunderbare, unerwartete Überraschung: Blauer Himmel und Sonnenschein! (Hamburg – Messe, 3. Februar 2019)

Rosen zum Valentinstag (Hamburg – Eimsbüttel, 14. Februar 2019)

Perfekter Moment: Sonnenuntergang auf dem Rathausmarkt (Hamburg, 15. Februar 2019)

Ein sonniger Samstag am Elbstrand (16. Februar 2019)

Momentaufnahmen meines Lebens!

*** Enthält unbezahlte, unbeauftragte Werbung ***

Bootsfahrt auf der Elbe mit fantastischem Sonnenuntergang. (Hamburg, Landungsbrücken, 4. September 2018)

Tschüs September, hallo Oktober ! Ich muss, glaube ich, nicht mehr schreiben, wie sehr ich den Herbst liebe – das habe ich hier auf dem Blog schon unzählige Male (Jahre!!!) getan. Ich freue mich auf das Licht, den Duft der bunten Blätter und auf ganz viel Kürbissuppe. Heute gibt es aber erst einmal noch einen kleinen Blick zurück auf meine vergangenen Spätsommer-Momente.

Ich wünsche Euch eine tolle neue Woche, voller bemerkenswerter Augenblicke!

Erstes Herbstlicht im Innenhof. (Hamburg, Eimsbüttel, 31. August 2018)

Ein wunderbares Konzert des Ukulele Orchestras of Great Britain. (Hamburg, Laeiszhalle, 1. September 2018)

Konferenzdinner mit chinesischen Gästen auf der MS Commodore. (Hamburg, Landungsbrücken, 4. September 2018)

Carens Junggesellinnenabschied in Berlin. (Alexanderplatz, 9. September 2018)

Hamburg’s Water Side!

we2The view on Hamburg from the other side of the Elbe. All pics by Franzi.

My brother and his girlfriend visited me last weekend. Thus, it was time to experience Hamburg as a tourist again. And what is the most characteristic thing in Hamburg? The water, of course! Here are a few water sights from the beautiful city I live in.

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week – have a sunny one!

we1 Teufelsbrück.

we3Near a dock.

we4The Elbphilharmonie – view from the Elbe.

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From Hamburg to Büsum… on the Bike!

Radtour4The typical view: Sheep! All pics by Franzi.

I made it: Via bike I cycled 170 km from Hamburg to Elmshorn (day one) to Brunsbüttel (day two) to Büsum at the North Sea (day three). There was everything: Wind, rain, sun, sheep (sheep poo), flat tires and – of course – fun. I am proud and happy that everything worked out well. It was a beautiful trip that felt already like summer vacations!

Have a beautiful day!

Radtour7The first day from Hamburg to Elmshorn was extremely rainy. This little self-service ‘Melkhus‘ hut filled with milk products was our oasis for a (long) pause!

Radtour8The second day: The way from Elmshorn to Brunsbüttel was bright but windy.

Radour5Lunch time in the pretty city Glückstadt.

Radtour6The third day from Brunsbüttel to Büsum was bright and sunny. Perfect cycling conditions!

Radtour2Finally: The North Sea!

Radtour1Büsum :)! The open sea…

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A Lazy Hamburg Weekend!

we3Hamburg sky. All pics by Franzi.

This last weekend I stayed in Hamburg – an old friend visited me from Friday till Saturday and we enjoyed our time together, went to an open air concert and walked through the city. In the end, it was one of those rare weekends, where I finally was able to enjoy Hamburg and to calm down a bit :).

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week. Have a relaxed one!

we2Friday morning: Flowery Isemarkt!

we4Friday night: Rockabilly music (by the Cash Boys) in the DRAFTHOUSE.

we5Saturday: A stroll at the harbour – with the Queen Mary 2 in the dock.

we1Sunday: Tasty lunch in the cafe Kraweel.

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Road Trip…

I made it: Suse & Marco are happily married now, I fulfilled my task as maid of honor, we celebrated one important girl’s birthday (Again: happy B-Day, I.!), I met a lot of people and am now back in good old Osnabrück. …After I spent 12 hours on an unexpected road trip from Berlin. I have seen Magdeburg, Wolfsburg, Hannover (where we searched desperately an open gas station after 10 p.m.), Bückeburg and many small villages and picturesque towns more. We saw also the effects of the high tide in the Elbe area – it is really a difference between the TV pics and reality – but the people living in this area said things like “humour is if you are still laughing” ( a German saying), which I think speaks only for their bravery and they all have my full respect for not giving up in this bad situation. Now it is 1.40 a.m. Monday morning and all I need is my bed and a good portion of sleep – no chance to show you my monthly favs today, but they will follow the next week. Promised!

I wish you all a week full of unexpected (good) adventures!

Thanks W. for driving me home 🙂

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City Love: Hamburg

Pic  by Franzi.

Letter to a city:

Dear Hamburg. Yes, I know – it took a while, until I loved you. But now we are the best friends and I’m feeling quite home every time I be with you. Your sky is often grey and the wind blows hard. But nevertheless I like you, because you have so much to offer: Your harbour, your fish market, your bars/cafés and restaurants… the “Kiez” with its pubs, clubs and, you know, these other shops… the museums and theaters and so many nice people living in your area. I cannot promise you anything. Maybe I will never live with you and I don’t know, how much time I will spend with you in the end. But you can be sure of this one thing: Your are a very special city for me and this will remain forever!

Like promised many of you for such a long time now, here comes the Hamburg special with some of my favorite places of the city; together with the great tips of so many of my great Hamburg friends:

(Thanks Dania, Krissi, Eva, Hannu, Dennis!)

What’s your favorite city? Tell me!

All pics by Franzi.

I Trude, the cutting shield of a boring machine used for the Neue Elbtunnel ( a highway tunnel below the river Elbe). And don’t miss the best sunday brunch in the restaurant Trude, located just beside this impressing artefact. II The most delicious fish I ever had: Redfish from Fisch Schloh on the wonderful Isemarkt (Tue + Fri 8.30 a.m.-2 p.m.). III Alter Reporter in Norderstedt – not too far away from Hamburg city is this cute, atmospheric and highly friendly place located. – A beer garden, where you can just hang out and enjoy your time as well as your tasty meal and fresh beer. IV Streits cinema house: Situated in the building of an old hotel, this is the only cinema in the city that shows exclusively original versions. V What can be more fun than feed elephants in the zoo Hagenbeck? – Nothing! VI Every visitor should at least once cross the Elbe via the Alte Elbtunnel – the old tunnel below the river).

More tips:


Grüner Jäger



Bullerei (TV chef Tim Mälzer’s restaurant/bistro)

Copper House (Live Cooking)

Die Bank (Brasserie/Restaurant)

Henssler & Henssler (TV chef Steffen Henssler’s restaurant – sushi bar. Go there!)

Meatery (…they also offer fish – highly recommended!)

Shikara (Indian food)

Tassajara (vegetarian food)

Trattoria Toscana (affordable pasta)

Turnhalle (…yes, indeed situated in an old gym hall)

Waku Waku (Bio-Fast Food!)

White Lounge (Sushi)

Zur Traube (exists since 1919!)


Adele & Clodwig (cosy café & furniture shop)

Café Olé

Café Paris (…you have to try their lemon tart!)

Don’t Tell Mama (Cheesecakes!)

Kaffeerösterei Burk (in a real coffee roasters)


Liebes Bisschen (Cupcakes!)

Mikkels (looks stylish)

Mutterland (my favorite)



20s Up Bar (Drink a “P.S. I love you”! And enjoy the view from the 20s floor!)

Bar le Ciel im Le Royal Meridan (…molecular cocktails?!)

Kleine Pause (..cult..everyone speaks about this diner/bar)

Reh (Cocktails)


Hamburgmuseum (…if you’re interested in the city’s history!)

Kaffeerösterei Burk (a museum in a real coffee roasters)

St. Nikolai: Go up to the top of this monument with a lift and enjoy your view above the city!


Wäscherei (I go there every single time, I’m in Hamburg!)

Print all tips HERE!

Update (May 18, 2014): There is even more to discover in Hamburg. Read the sequel HERE.

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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