Road Trip…

I made it: Suse & Marco are happily married now, I fulfilled my task as maid of honor, we celebrated one important girl’s birthday (Again: happy B-Day, I.!), I met a lot of people and am now back in good old Osnabrück. …After I spent 12 hours on an unexpected road trip from Berlin. I have seen Magdeburg, Wolfsburg, Hannover (where we searched desperately an open gas station after 10 p.m.), Bückeburg and many small villages and picturesque towns more. We saw also the effects of the high tide in the Elbe area – it is really a difference between the TV pics and reality – but the people living in this area said things like „humour is if you are still laughing“ ( a German saying), which I think speaks only for their bravery and they all have my full respect for not giving up in this bad situation. Now it is 1.40 a.m. Monday morning and all I need is my bed and a good portion of sleep – no chance to show you my monthly favs today, but they will follow the next week. Promised!

I wish you all a week full of unexpected (good) adventures!

Thanks W. for driving me home 🙂

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