City Love: Hamburg

Pic  by Franzi.

Letter to a city:

Dear Hamburg. Yes, I know – it took a while, until I loved you. But now we are the best friends and I’m feeling quite home every time I be with you. Your sky is often grey and the wind blows hard. But nevertheless I like you, because you have so much to offer: Your harbour, your fish market, your bars/cafés and restaurants… the „Kiez“ with its pubs, clubs and, you know, these other shops… the museums and theaters and so many nice people living in your area. I cannot promise you anything. Maybe I will never live with you and I don’t know, how much time I will spend with you in the end. But you can be sure of this one thing: Your are a very special city for me and this will remain forever!

Like promised many of you for such a long time now, here comes the Hamburg special with some of my favorite places of the city; together with the great tips of so many of my great Hamburg friends:

(Thanks Dania, Krissi, Eva, Hannu, Dennis!)

What’s your favorite city? Tell me!

All pics by Franzi.

I Trude, the cutting shield of a boring machine used for the Neue Elbtunnel ( a highway tunnel below the river Elbe). And don’t miss the best sunday brunch in the restaurant Trude, located just beside this impressing artefact. II The most delicious fish I ever had: Redfish from Fisch Schloh on the wonderful Isemarkt (Tue + Fri 8.30 a.m.-2 p.m.). III Alter Reporter in Norderstedt – not too far away from Hamburg city is this cute, atmospheric and highly friendly place located. – A beer garden, where you can just hang out and enjoy your time as well as your tasty meal and fresh beer. IV Streits cinema house: Situated in the building of an old hotel, this is the only cinema in the city that shows exclusively original versions. V What can be more fun than feed elephants in the zoo Hagenbeck? – Nothing! VI Every visitor should at least once cross the Elbe via the Alte Elbtunnel – the old tunnel below the river).

More tips:


Grüner Jäger



Bullerei (TV chef Tim Mälzer’s restaurant/bistro)

Copper House (Live Cooking)

Die Bank (Brasserie/Restaurant)

Henssler & Henssler (TV chef Steffen Henssler’s restaurant – sushi bar. Go there!)

Meatery (…they also offer fish – highly recommended!)

Shikara (Indian food)

Tassajara (vegetarian food)

Trattoria Toscana (affordable pasta)

Turnhalle (…yes, indeed situated in an old gym hall)

Waku Waku (Bio-Fast Food!)

White Lounge (Sushi)

Zur Traube (exists since 1919!)


Adele & Clodwig (cosy café & furniture shop)

Café Olé

Café Paris (…you have to try their lemon tart!)

Don’t Tell Mama (Cheesecakes!)

Kaffeerösterei Burk (in a real coffee roasters)


Liebes Bisschen (Cupcakes!)

Mikkels (looks stylish)

Mutterland (my favorite)



20s Up Bar (Drink a „P.S. I love you“! And enjoy the view from the 20s floor!)

Bar le Ciel im Le Royal Meridan (…molecular cocktails?!)

Kleine Pause (..cult..everyone speaks about this diner/bar)

Reh (Cocktails)


Hamburgmuseum (…if you’re interested in the city’s history!)

Kaffeerösterei Burk (a museum in a real coffee roasters)

St. Nikolai: Go up to the top of this monument with a lift and enjoy your view above the city!


Wäscherei (I go there every single time, I’m in Hamburg!)

Print all tips HERE!

Update (May 18, 2014): There is even more to discover in Hamburg. Read the sequel HERE.

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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  1. Be there tomorrow and the day after. Would like to enjoy the city but i think i will only see very little of my birth town. Only work, work and before i forget work. Snief! Maybe next time!

  2. No i Drive back tomorrow After work around 6 o Clock And be hopefully home around 11 o Clock. completely braindead And physically at the end. What are you Doing in hh again? Work or private?

    1. Poor thing 🙁 For me it’s private again – my first time with D.’s girls regulars‘ table – can’t await it 🙂 But I’ll be back in HH two times in May (private and work related) – any chances to meet you then?

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