Wait? Barbecued Carrots? Yes, Carrots!

Pic by Franzi. Last weekend I was at a BBQ where the hosts grilled… carrots! I was intrigued and couldn’t wait for tasting them :). What can I say? They were delicious! Recipe: Adapted from Weber’s Grillbibel. Ingredients: Serves 6-8. 1 kg young carrots, 2 TblSps butter, 2 TblSps aceto balsamico, 2 TblSps maple syrup, a …

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Pasta salad

Photo by Franzi With the first sunrays appearing in springtime, also the barbecue season starts. And who cares about temperatures, when the smell of hot coals is in the air?  For me BBQ is not only about what lays on the grill, but also about what’s served as side dish. Today, I would like to …

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