Summer in the City

Pic by Franzi

Ha, again a summer post! I’m being back in Berlin for a few days and the city is filled with tourists from all kinds of different countries. Everything feels like holidays. However, not everyone has the time and/or money to spend their free days abroad or at least somewhere else away from home. But honestly – is that a reason to not getting into a summer holiday mood at all?! I don’t think so! Here comes my list of ideas on how to spend a perfect summer in the city (…or village).

A picnic in the park.

Long BBQs with friends.

Go into the zoo (…and take some kids with you. Their enthusiasm is totally  infecting!).

Again: Open-air cinema on a warm summer night!

Spending a day on a lake.

A bike-trip into the urban hinterland.

On rainy days: Go to a museum!

A Cooking Party with a bunch of friends.

Gardening (and it doesn’t matter if you only have a few herbs on your window sill or a whole garden). Simply relaxing!

Go to a yoga class! Or go running. Or play beach volleyball with friends. Or just keep on moving.

Go to a concert.

Spend a whole day at your favorite coffee bar with a good book!

Buy a bunch of glossy magazines (or my secret favorites: comic books), search a nice green spot of lawn, lay down on a blanket and reeeelax!

Go to the farmers market, buy fresh fruits and prepare jam (and you will have summery memories even on a winter breakfast).

Bake a cake.

Get up early and take a swim in an outdoor pool.

Write postcards to your friends and family. It’s always nice to find something in your mail box. Even if it’s coming from your next door 🙂

Collect wild flowers from the wayside / field edges / a river bank.

…. Have a nice start into the next summery week everyone!

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  1. Hey little sis,

    your post reminds me of the song „keen hawaii“ by „icke und er“. You will enjoy it. 😉

    – big brother (who is watching this blog)

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