Apricots & Feta: Sweet BBQ Packages!

BBQ Peaches FetaPic by Franzi.

Summertime means BBQ time! And why should we only put hearty things on the grill? What about desserts? Mmmh, what about grilled apricots with feta, basil and honey? I would say: Yummi!

Recipe: Makes one package.

Ingredients: 1 apricot (cut into halves), app. 75 g feta (cubed), honey, salt, pepper, one basil leaf.

Preparation: Put the apricot halves on a sheet of aluminum foil. Add feta, drizzle with honey. Season with pepper and salt and add the basil leaf. Wrap into a package. Put the package on the grill, wait for app. 10 minutes. Open carefully.


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