What can you eat at a New Year’s Party? Mmh, that’s an easy one – FONDUE! Nothing is better than to enjoy the melting warmth together with a long chat with dear friends around a hot pot of broth/cheese/chocolate…

Classic: Broth fondue by Tim Mälzer (German).

2nd place in the Food52 „Your Best Fondue“ Contest: Fondue Fribourgeois.

Easy: Martha Stewart’s three-cheese fondue recipe.

Irish: Martha Stewart’s Blue Cheese Fondue.

Spicy: Spiced Cumin & Curry Fondue via Food52.

Mediterranean: Fondue Espanol via Food52.

Sweet I: Martha Stewart’s Chocolate Fondue.

Sweet II: Martha Stuart’s Caramel Fondue.


Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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      1. We’ve been invited over to our friends‘ house for new year’s eve. Helge’s former roommate, Ansgar, and his girlfriend, Sabi, recently moved in together so now it’s time we saw their new appartment (btw next door to her parent’s appartment). It’s going to be raclette and there’s a hat theme.. we’ll see how long we’ll last 😉
        We absolutely need to meet up! Starting in KW 3, we need to reinstate our weekly coffee :o)

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