Not so old-fashioned: 1920s Drinks!

Despite the prohibition in the United States (1920-33) as well as the Hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic, 1920s people never really stopped drinking alcohol. Instead they became creative in masking the taste of inferior booze by adding fruits to their drinks. Thus, the Old Fashioned Cocktail was born …and more creations that can still be found on every good cocktail menu.

Enjoy mixing and drinking!

Mint Julep via Food52 …It was the drink of the decade since it was served in the 1926 published book The Great Gatsby (HERE you find the classic version of this drink).

The Old Fashioned Cocktail via Oh so beautiful paper …sounds simple, but tasty!

Champagne Punch via Martha Stewart Recipes …looks refreshing!

Planters Punch via Art of Drink …I read HERE that this was the drink that could be found on nearly every menu in the 1920s! – So, not much has changed in the last 90 years.

With absinthe -The „75“ via exposition universelle de vin & spiritueux … The green fairy was still very popular back in the 20s. I never tried it- did you?

Like always: All credits (and recipes) appear after clicking the links.

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