Nail Art III!

Last Saturday I fulfilled a long-made resolution: With a few friends I got a manicure. This was a real experience for me since I am a total loser in polishing nails by myself. The funny thing is that the lady who was trying to polish my nails was not much better than me (which may have something to do with my constant lack of concentration 😉 ). After a few rounds of polishing, removing the polish, reapplying, removing and reapplying … I finally had pretty blood-red nails (and a slight acetone toxication). Now I have made a new resolution: I will never enter a nail studio again, but maybe I will practice to apply nail polish a bit. My nails a real beauties now 🙂

Nail Art Example 1, Nail Art Example 2, Nail Art Example 3.

My favorite Essie Colors: Ballet slippers #6, sole mate #45, fishnet stockings #56, as gold as it gets, a cut above.

A propos nail polishes. On Monday the countdown for the My so-called Luck Advent Calendar will start again!

Do you remember these posts? Nail Art I & Nail Art II!

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