The My so-called Luck Advent Calendar 2012!

That is me, aged 5 … and Santa (pic by my dad)!

Don’t be afraid … it’s still just boring November, but the X-Mas season is not too far away anymore. Aaand: As a special treat for you my dear readers I would like to arrange a My so-called Luck Advent calendar this December. Mmmh, what could be a nice daily surprise? Since most of you are female and I know that everyone of us needs a bit color more in their life I will surprise 24 of you with one bottle of nail polish!

What do you have to do to have a chance to win one great new nail color? Easy: Just comment this post or mail me until November 18.

Good luck!

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11 Kommentare zu „The My so-called Luck Advent Calendar 2012!“

  1. First 😉
    Ok, a comment because i wouldn´t count „First“ as a comment.
    I like it that you are having/making this advent calender because it is even more interactive and at the end you can also win a present. And you know how much I like/love nail polish. So „Give it to me, baby“! 😉
    I hope that a lot of people all around the world will follow your request and write a comment. And if you are a guy and don´t put on nail polish you will have a nice present for your girlfriend or the girl you like or whoever you think like nail polish.

    So don´t be afraid people: Post a comment!!

    And p.s. Love the photo of yours. Very cute! Are you singing a christmas carol or recite a poem??

  2. That is really a photo of you Frazi??? Soooo cute!!
    And regarding the advent calendar: do want do want do want 🙂
    Such a cool idea! I hope that also people from further away take their chances on one really cool new polish colour 😉

  3. Hej Franzi,
    I am very excited about your idea! Last time I counted my stack of nail polishes, it added up to almost 50 (more or less) different colours. SInce I promised myself to not buy any more colours, I have to win them … 🙂 I cant wait to see what colours you chose! Greetings from Hamburg, Dania

  4. Um die Scheu vor deutschen Kommentaren weiter zu senken, heute auch mal wieder in der Muttersprache 😉 Es wird Zeit, dass meine Nägel mal wieder passend zu meinen Herbst-/Winterklamotten bemalt werden. Also her mit den trendy Farben!!! B.

  5. Hah, da mach ich doch gleich mal weiter auf Deutsch..zu so später Stunde würde eh nur noch komisches Englisch herauskommen…also ich bastele selbst gerade an einem Adventskalender und zur Belohnung brauch ich unbedingt einen deiner trendy Nagellacke…also her damit 🙂

  6. OK, ich mache mit. Wann ich aber ein Wunsch äussern darf, dann lieber einen dunklen Farbe – für ein jüngeren Arbeitskollege von mir – er taucht meistens nach der Wochenende auf mit lackierten Fingernägel.

  7. Nail polish? I don’t wanna count my nail polish, but I’m pretty sure I urgently need yet another one. 🙂
    Unfortunately I don’t find my way here that often atm – which is not your fault at all, but due to a lack of time – but I just could smell the nail polish…
    If you ask me I go for the millefleurs 😉
    Btw – how do you like these plush nails ^^

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