The Sound of my Life: Tocotronic!

In stark contrast to myself, my pal Isa really was a cool teeny. She listened to Pearl Jam, Lenny Kravitz aaand Tocotronic. I also knew some songs from Tocotronic, but to be honest they never really made sense to me and their sound felt quite tinny to my ears. University started and one guy I really liked played guitar at a party and sang Die Idee ist gut, looking into my eyes while singing the part about admitting love through a song. It sounds creepy now but that was the moment I started to get more interested into Tocotronic’s music… Later another guy (I extremely fancied back then) was a big fan of the group. Du bist ganz schön bedient was the hymn of my year 2006 – in more than one way. 2007 Tocotronic’s album Kapitulation came out. This was the moment they really had me. I loved the pure sound as well their ironic and at the same time intellectual texts. I told Isa about the album and convinced her to join me at a Tocotronic concert. This concert turned out to be an epiphany for her as well. She digged out the albums she listened to as a teeny, she bought the new albums, she went to more concerts and never lost her passion for the group again. Last week, we went together to a Tocotronic concert in Berlin. Their last album Wie wir leben wollen was released at the beginning of this year and the next one won’t come out until 2015. This concert was a must. We weren’t disappointed – maybe the sound was a bit tinny. But you know what? These days I really like this ;).




P. S. Dirk von Lowtzow is responsible for one of the funniest events in my life with Isa. I will not say any more – she knows what I mean. Thanks Dirk (& Isa)!

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