Salad No. 4: The Extraordinary One!

Salad No4Pic by Franzi.

Week four of this monthly challenge and this means I am DONE with it. Honestly, I thought that one new salad recipe per week would be easy, but I clearly underestimated the amount of time that it takes to search for a new recipe, shop the ingredients, prepare the salad and make a picture of it. Nevertheless, it was a big fun – especially the part of the research for new recipes. Many friends recommended their recipes and in two cases I just invented a new salad all by myself, something I should do clearly more often! This last week I prepared a variation of the classic tabouleh, only that I used pearl barley (which is actually very German) instead of bulgur. I used a recipe from German TV chef Tim Mälzer, but with the double amount of pomegranate seeds (just because I love pomegranate seeds 😉 ).

Recipe: Pearl Barley Tabouleh with Kale

Ingredients: Serves 4.

250 g pearl barley, salt, 250 g package frozen kale, 1 carrot, ¼ celeriac, ½ leek, 8 TblSps olive oil, 10 shafts italian parsley, 6 shafts fresh mint, the zest and the juice from ½ lemon, the juice from 1 orange, pepper, sugar, 200 g feta cheese, 1 pomegranate


Prepare the pearl barley and the kale according the package descriptions. Drain both.

Peel the carrot and the celeriac, cut into 0,5 cm cubes. In a big pan, heat 4 TblSps olive oil and roast the carrots and the celeriac for app. 8 minutes.

Afterwards, put the vegetables into a big bowl and add the minced herbs, the lemon zest and juice, the orange juice, 4 TblSps olive oil, salt, a dash of sugar, the kale, the pearl barley, the pomegranate seeds and the feta cheese (picked to pieces). Mix well and season with pepper and salt.

Recipe for PRINT!


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