Salad No. I : The nourishing one!

Salad IPic by Franzi.

It’s the first week of this month’s challenge and here comes my first new salad recipe. Before I went to the farmers market this Saturday, I looked for some recipes and couldn’t really decide for one. So, I simply thought about the ingredients I would like to have in this week’s salad and this was it. I tried to create a nourishing winter salad and opt for adding some broccoli, field salad and smoked tofu (my new best vegan kitchen friend).

And then it was as easy as this:

Ingredients: Serves 2.

One handful field salad, one small broccoli, 1 package smoked tofu, olive oil, herb-flavored vinegar, 1TSp mustard, salt, pepper, dried cranberries.


Cook the broccoli in salted water for app. 5 minutes. Cut into florets. Roast the cubed tofu in a pan without any oil until it smells deliciously. Combine the washed field salad, the broccoli florets and the tofu in a big bowl. Sprinkle with some dried cranberries. Prepare the dressing: Mix two TblSps olive oil with one TblSps herb-flavored vinegar and 1 TSp mustard. Add the dressing to the salad, season with pepper and salt.

Recipe for PRINT!


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