A Monthly Challenge: One Week = One New Salad!

SaladPic by Franzi: Nigella’s Salad with Moonblush Tomatoes.

Maybe I didn’t master last month’ challenge of going vegan as good as I thought I would. Nevertheless, I should work a bit more on a healthy diet. That’s why I decided to let the next monthly challenge again be a food challenge. In an attempt to be able at the end of this month to declare that I made it,  I will give myself a smaller goal this time: I will simply eat more salad OR to be more distinct: Every week I will try out at least one new salad recipe. I hope that this will boost my salad intake automatically and with more recipes it would be more variable and maybe this will help to give salad a more dominant role in my small kitchen. So let’s see what the four next weeks will bring up!

Do you know any delicious salad recipes? Let me know!

Aaand: You’re all my Valentines!

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