Music Idols: Radiohead!

I just realized that I already wrote a few times about my rare music idols and that I also mentioned the one band that symbolizes me in regard to music more than any other band or singer a few times – Radiohead! But so far I never dedicated them a whole post. Sometimes I shy away from writing about something that really means a lot to me. This was a long time the case for Miró, it is still the case for some other things – but at least it has to be changed for Radiohead today. Where do I begin with?! I told you that (at least in my foggy memories) Radiohead were defining the music world during the 1990s… back then they released their incredible first album Pablo Honey. But this was not the time I started listening to their music … it all started much later when I discovered the perfection of the one song I would choose if I had to bename my favorite: Creep. I danced through my flat, tears in my eyes, I felt the whole power of the vocals and the desperate voice of Thom Yorke. I felt that this song somehow helped me. And this was when my love for this band was born … and it continues until today, no matter how experimental their musical developments were during the last years, I always found something I adored. And that’s why I call them my music idols.

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