Topic of the Week: Cool 1990s!

It’s a while ago since I made a theme week to a special decade. So I decided to dedicate this one to the cool 1990s!

To begin with, I would like to share with you the realization I had today about the decade of my own teenage years: While preparing this post, I was first collecting my own memories about the 1990s and all the things related. The topic Cool 1990s was one result of these considerations, because what first came into my mind were:

  • Grunge, Nirvana, ripped jeans and flannel shirts.
  • Cool and shocking fashion photography.
  • Unisex style.
  • Mix Tapes, MTV and the first CD players.

And then I started some fundamental/investigative journalistic work (I typed „1990s“ into the field of my search engine 😉 ) and was a bit shocked because I found the following:

  • Techno, boybands and girly style.
  • Tamagotchis!
  • Neon colors everywhere, belly tops and baggy pants.
  • Talk-Shows.

Is it possible that the 1990s were not as cool as I remember them?! Currently I have the feeling that everyone speaks about this decade and we are celebrating a BIG revival: In fashion fall/winter everything will be about dark colors, grungy styles – velvet,  cord, leather.  The same is true for music: Blur is back and I cannot remember a time when it was more sophisticated to say that your favorite bands are Massive Attack, Radiohead and Portishead (were they already this popular back in the 90s?!). But does this all really credit the 1990s? Or is it only my own one-dimensional way of looking onto the current developments:  A few weeks ago I was in a club, standing in the mid of a crowd of twenty somethings, who were all singing to Ace of Base’s All That She Want’s from the top of their lungs. Everyone knew the text (me excluded)! And this was not even one of the currently extreme popular 90s parties… Maybe the things I believe to be „no so cool“ about this decade were in fact the really innovative ones. Which decade was expressing themselves with more varied styles, which generation ever was embracing technology with such open arms? Maybe tamagotchis are a long gone memory now and Take That is not causing a mass hysteria anymore, but would we all be were we are now, without these experiences? Would I still like guitars more than an electronic bass and my good old jeans (ripped or not) more than a tight neon-colored plastic pant? I believe some experiences have to be made to make one aware of what to prefer and what not (so much). Indeed, the 1990s rule…

… and what a cool decade they were!

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The 90s were your golden twenties. Again, happy birthday to one faithful reader 🙂

2 Kommentare zu „Topic of the Week: Cool 1990s!“

  1. One very cool post Franzi! The 90s were my golden twenties as well and i remember being such a spice girls fan, having a tamagochi, weating baggie jeans and being tomboyish.. Weird thing is that i discovered Nirvana & co afterwards when i was older then. I guess i didn’t get Kurt Kobain when they were „in“..

    1. Haha, the 90s were your golden twenties?! You’re kidding me, right? I will go for teenage years (like mine 😉 ) and it’s the same for me – I was a big Nirvana fan, but all the other great stuff of the 90s I only discovered much later! XO!

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