Music Idols: The National

I think it’s time again to present you one more of my (only few) music idols: The National. But you know what? This band has so much personal meaning for me that I don’t feel like I should tell you here the hard facts – like who they are or where they come from… Just look at their Wikipedia article and you will know it all. Instead, I would like to tell you two scenes I totally link with this band. First, I heard their song Anyones Ghost on permanently repeat modus during a very hard time two summers ago and it helped me enormously to deal with the whole situation. Second, their song Think You Can Wait made me calm down from the very first time on I listened to it. – Thus, with this information in mind it may not be a big surprise that it was the song I chose to hear prior to the defence of my thesis. Yes indeed, the National and especially the baritone voice of singer Matt Berninger are real idols for me!

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