What’s your hair colour? Silvery White!

There are still missing two extravagant colours in our little hair colour series… First I thought an overview about blondes, brunettes, dark and red heads would be enough. But honestly, how could I skip the silver foxes?! Those ladies depicted here have such a sophisticated aura, I believe they get many admiring glances on the street no matter what age they may have obtained already. And I was quite surprised to find as many pics as I did with young women wearing the silvery white look as well. Sometimes it is not even possible to tell the difference between a white blonde or a white grey hair colour. So I guess the times where one was linking silvery white heads with elderly people are gone for a while now. And to embrace the own individuality is a trend I totally support!

Beautiful Grey Example 1

Beautiful Grey Example 2

Beautiful Grey Example 3

Beautiful Grey Example 4

Beautiful Grey Example 5

Beautiful Grey Example 6

Beautiful Grey Example 7

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