What’s your colour? Today: Radiant Blondes!

After last week’s redheads special, today’s post is dedicated to all shades of radiant blond! After living as a light blonde for many years by myself, I made enough experiences with this hair colour to know that one cannot hide anywhere with it. – It really seems to stand out everywhere. Thus, to wear this colour one has to have a certain degree of confidence. But hey, it is so worth it. For me, blondes appear to be always somehow tender, fragile, sun-kissed and soft. These may also be stereotypes, but doesn’t they fit excellent with the styles presented here?

Do you like blonde hair? What do you prefer: light, honey or dark blond? Let me know!

Beautiful Blonde Example 1, Beautiful Blonde Example 2, Beautiful Blonde Example 3, Beautiful Blonde Example 4, Beautiful Blonde Example 5, Beautiful Blone Example 6(… Yes indeed, the last one is twiggy. I just couldn’t let it be to show her here. I really adore her look!).

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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