Beach House

I guess it is much too late to present you the dream pop duo Beach House and to expect that you haven’t heart of them yet. They seem to be played and spoken a lot right now – the band released their latest album Bloom in May, are currently on a big world tour and Volkswagen produced an ad that rips off Beach House’s song Take care. So, they are EVERYWHERE! But hey, I don’t care. I’m totally in love with their song Other People. Thus, I had to present this fab duo here as well. – Just in case you might not be totally well-informed about this band already. One never knows…

Just in case you can not play the song on my page directly on my page (we all know this happened a few times), please click HERE.

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

2 Kommentare zu „Beach House“

  1. Hey little sis, you should check your blog-roll links. Some are dead and it looks like you are not maintain your blog. Don’t you end like me. 😛

    1. Indeed, I also realized that this Wooly Thoughts blog is not maintained very well 😉 …ok ok, I thanks for the tip- I will scheck this next week!

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