What’s your hair colour? Irresistible Dark!

Outside of Europe, dark hair is the major colour on people’s heads. And doesn’t it fit perfectly to the indian, chinese or african ladies depicted here? Nevertheless, black or dark brown hair can look excellent and sophisticated with people from all countries. My impression is that dark-haired people have a somehow mystical appearance. Maybe I read to often the fairytale of Snow White, but black hair plus light skin is irresistible beautiful for me!

In case you missed it- Here are the posts about the other hair colours: Blonde, brunette, and red!

Beautiful Dark Example 1, Beautiful Dark Example, Beautiful Dark Example 3, Beautiful Dark Example 4, Beautiful Dark Example 5, Beautiful Dark Example 6.

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1 Kommentar zu „What’s your hair colour? Irresistible Dark!“

  1. I stumbled upon a lady while watching the new (and unfortunately already cancelled) series „Ringer“. She fits your description perfectly: Jaime Murray. Wow!!! Plus: she’s got that even more irresitible Oxford-accent…
    Greetings from Hamburg

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