The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well were responsible for the sound of my last two weekends. This multi-instrumental, folk/indie/rock band (I really have no idea where to put them…) was standing in the centre of Osnabrück and playing as well as singing like hell. I was able to hear them a lot more earlier than I first glimpsed them. And what a cool picture they were with their guitars and violins and the cello and the drums… the  lead singer Jai Larkan with his power voice! I only found out now that they are an international band with members from Australia, England, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Spain and USA. Wow! And Jai Larkan already was on stage with big names as David Gray, James Morrison, Seal and Joss Stone. Double wow! Unfortunately, the videos I found were not able to transfer the energy of the band that I felt when experiencing them live. Thus, maybe follow THIS LINK to listen to some records of them.

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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