Lovely Strawberry season! Pt.2: Strawberry-Tartlets

Pic by Franzi.

After all these delicious looking strawberry recipes from last week, it was quite difficult to decide what to prepare by myself now to share with you. In the end, I choose a classic from my family: Strawberry Tartlets. These are easy-peasy to prepare and will make everyone happy. Plus, every tartlet is such a small portion that it is the perfect company for a cup of tea or coffee and it does not hurt to eat a second one.

Enjoy this lovely strawberry season!

Ingredients (makes 10): one packet of blancmange powder (vanilla flavour, you will need extra 500 ml milk plus 40g caster sugar), 10 tartlets, 500g fresh strawberries.

Preparation: Prepare the vanilla blancmange. Pour it on the tartlets and add the strawberries on top!

Print version HERE.


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