Inventory: Cardigans!

My collection of cardigans. Pics by Franzi. Cardigans or thick wool jackets combined with a dress or skirt are something like my signature style. Thus, I wasn’t too surprised to count the enormous amount of 21 cardigans and one cardigan-like blazer in my wardrobe! That makes exactly as many cardigans as the number of skirts

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Inventory: Belts!

My belt collection. Pics by Franzi. I own eleven belts – I could literally combine every jeans with a different belt.  Since I nearly never wear trousers I also nearly never wear belts. BUT if a wear trousers I HAVE to wear it with a belt, otherwise the trousers wouldn’t stay where they belong for

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Inventory: Coats!

My coat collection. Pic by Franzi. This week I counted my coats: 1,2,3,..7! A light black parka for summer, a thick dark-blue parka for winter, a pink leather jacket, a beige trench coat, a black cotton jacket, a green velvet jacket and a winter sports jacket. To be honest, most of the time I wear

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Project 333!

Only two pieces of my full wardrobe! Pic by Franzi. Did you hear about Project 333? It’s the resolution to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months (including clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear and shoes), thereby creating new stylish looks, save money and the environment! I already did a whole year of a shopping

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