Minitreats: Zucchinipizzen!

Heute gibt es ein ganz schnelles einfaches Rezept für Mini-Zucchinipizzen. Diese kleinen Treats bereite ich am liebsten zu, wenn Freunde vorbeikommen. Sie sind superschnell fertig, lecker und sogar noch recht gesund! Rezept: Macht etwa 20 Minipizzen. Zutaten: 1 dicke Zucchini, 6 EL Tomatenmark, 2 TL Knoblauchöl, 2 EL Kräuter der Provence, 100 g geriebener Parmesan, […]

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Pizza Rolls!

Pic by Franzi. For a finger food party nothing is prepared as easy as  pizza rolls (or like we say in Germany „Pizzaschnecken“/pizza snakes)! Here’s my recipe to go for. Recipe: Makes 10-13 rolls. Ingredients: Ready-made pizza dough, app. 3 TblSps tomato paste, (3 slices of boiled ham, cut into pieces), app. 100 g dried

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Stress = Pizza!

Pic by Franzi. Piiiizza! That’s what I am thinking when I am tired or stressed and hungry. Pizza is easy-peasy prepared and one can either use the ingredients that the kitchen cabinet has to offer or one has enough power left to go to the supermarket and let the phantasy run wild for new creations.

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Zucchini Time!

You may have already recognized it: I love zucchini! The yellow ones as much as the green ones. The small examples as much as the big summer squashes. I already shared two of my favorite zucchini recipes with you (Baked Courgettes and Pasta with Zucchini Sauce). Today I would like to present you the extreme

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