Mango Salmon Tart!

Mango Salmon TartPic by Franzi.

No green recipe today, but I will make good for it next week – promised! I just can’t hold back on my Mango Salmon Tart recipe any longer… it’s a tart I invented a few weeks ago, when I invited some friends and I found none of the ingredients needed for the actual planned dish in the supermarket. In the end, I was happy how things turned out because the tart and the crazy combination of sweet and salty ingredients were a great success!


Ingredients: Pizza dough (for one baking tray), 1 package smoked salmon, 1 package gorgonzola, 1 mango, 200 ml crème fraîche, rosemary, salt, pepper.

Preparation: Roll out the pizza dough and season the crème fraîche with pepper and salt. Spread the dough with the crème fraîche. Top with salmon and mango pieces. Add the gorgonzola. Season with salt, pepper and rosemary. Bake for app. 20-30 minutes at 225°C.

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