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A Portuguese Crime Novel: Lost in Fuseta by Gil Ribeiro!

Pic by Franzi.

It was more accidentally than planned that I took the crime novel Lost in Fuseta by Gil Ribeiro (aka Holger Karsten Schmidt) with me at the Algarve.

In this first book of a new crime novel series we get to know Leander Lost, a police officer from Hamburg who participates at an exchange program and will stay one year in Portugal – in Fuseta, a small town at the Eastern Algarve. But Leander Lost is not the ordinary kind of police men: He wears only black, stares strangely into the eyes of other people and – most important – cannot lie. Soon after his arrival there is a murder case to investigate and his new Portuguese police partners, sub-inspector Rosado and her colleague Esteves, have to deal with this strange new man in their team.

This book was a positive surprise: It is written in an entertaining (German) voice, I really liked its figures and I learned a lot about the people at the Algarve. A book that is worth reading – not only if you are actually in Portugal.

I wish you a wonderful week! Enjoy the sun :)!

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The Books I’ve Read: Cézanne gesucht! // Chasing Cézanne by Peter Mayle!

cezannePic by Franzi.

I found the book Cézanne gesucht! (Chasing Cézanne) by Peter Mayle on the street – near my favorite ice-cream shop here in Hamburg. So, the book found me in this case :). Because of its sunny Provence cover I decided to take it with me on my summer vacations. It was one of the easiest and fastest reads I ever had.

The crime novel plays in the international art scene. New York-based photojournalist Andre is working in the south of France, when he observes something strange happening: A famous Cézanne painting is transported out of the residence of its rich owner and loaded into a suspicious looking van. That’s the starting point of a wild chase. Andre, his boss Camilla, booking agent Lucy and art dealer Cyrus are in the center of it. A light and entertaining book that was great fun to read!

I wish you a fun weekend! Have a relaxed one :)!

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The Books I’ve Read: >>The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency<< Novels by Alexander McCall Smith!

booksPic by Franzi.

During our summer vacations I read a lot of books – since my stack of unread books is steadily growing, I chose some books that were waiting there forever. The  Botswana-based crime novels about the ‘No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency‘ owner Mma Ramotswe by author Alexander McCall Smith were among them. I read the first and the second book of the series about “Africa’s Miss Marple” – like Mma Ramotswe is often called in reviews.

Those were typical books for summer: Based in Botswana with its distinct nature and the burning sun, they give an insight into Africa’s life and history. The plot is light but entertaining and easy to read. I love the simple way that the great lady detective uses to solve her cases. Like Miss Marple she uses her brain to combine the facts and chooses simple tactics to analyze the situation. Great reads!

I wish you a fun weekend! Have a hot one :)!

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Just One Evil Act by Elizabeth George!

Yes indeed, I read another Inspector Lynley crime novel by Elizabeth George. There’s just nothing better on a wet fall day than to sit under a warm blanket and enjoy the thrilling adventures of the London-based superior officer and his weirdo assistant Barbara Havers. In Just One Evil Act, Barbara’s neighbor kid Hadiyah is taken by her mother without any hint where she went with her, letting her father Azhar and Barbara in grief behind. Then Hadiyah is kidnapped in Lucca, Italy. Barbara will do anything to find the kid and to help her friend Azhar …and DI Lynley has to deal with the consequences of Barbara’s headless decisions. A great read with many turns! Ideal for grey November weekends!

I wish you a spooky Halloween and a wonderful laid-back weekend!

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Pretty Little Things by Jiliane Hoffman

Today I’ll drive to Frankfurt and tomorrow I’ll visit the Frankfurt book fair. That means tomorrow I will be in my personal paradise – books and fairs are two big passions of mine! So, I thought it would be time to present you a book that made it into my bookshelf lately: Pretty Little Things by Jiliane Hoffman.

I bought this book at a train station, just because I was in the mood for a good crime novel and this one sounded interesting: A faceless predator captures young troubled teenage girls using social networks and the web. First, the police believes that the missing girls were ‘only’ runaways, but slowly they have to realize that they have to deal with a serial killer.

The story includes a lot of troubled minds: The predator (unsurprisingly), the victims (all young girls with troubles at home) and the Special Agent (whose own teenage daughter is missing and believed to be a runaway). It’s a classical crime novel with a lot of suspense and many twists and turns. I really liked to read it and in the end it was a real page-turner!

Have fun while reading and I wish you a thrilling weekend!

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Fall Reading List!

There’s no better time for reading than during the autumnal season. Since outside it’s stormy and wet, everyone starts to get comfy inside again – preparing for the winter. And suddenly you remember all those books you bought during the last months and actually planed to read immediately… Okay, I do not intend to lie to you by showing you my Fall Reading List that consists of only THREE books. Everyone who knows me better is totally aware of the fact that there are at least FIFTY more (that’s the number of the last counting of a friend of mine, two months ago) waiting for me on a (high!) stack in my living room… But I believe it’s a lot more motivating to start with a small number of distinct titles I will manage to read for sure during the next months (plus the books that somehow always cross my way in the bookstores, which have to be read instantly – no matter what actually would be the next book on the list 😉 ).

Which books are on your reading list? Or are already lying on your bedside table? Let me know!

 Elizabeth George – Believing the Lie

Crime novels by Ms. George are highly addictive for me (and millions of other readers). Thus, it was very hard to wait for the new Detective Inspector Lynley book. Thank god, the paperback is out now: I went into my local bookshop at least ten times to check for it and waiting for only a few more days would have resulted in me buying the hardcopy. …You may imagine my relieve when I finally hold the book in my hands!  But to my defence I have to tell you that the Scotland Yard detective and his somewhat nerdy assistant DS Barbara Havers solve their crimes in such a charming, very english way, thereby expiering their own personal tragedies, it’s hard to withstand the intention to pack your things and immediately take the next train/plane to London to meet them in person!

Jeffrey Eugenides – The Marriage Plot

I read about this book somewhere a few month ago and ordered it immediately (together with an incredible thick volume of George Eliot’s Middlemarch) …and then it had to wait a while before I rediscovered it on my book stack (OK, I admit it: I planed to read the George Eliot first and after holding this heavy weight in my hands I changed plans and rediscovered The Marriage Plot 😉 ). I  am already half way through this book and still the plot is hard to explain in a few sentences. The big question the book deals with is whether the great love stories of the 19th century are dead or if they are also possible in a story that is written today. Until now, the novel is incredible, telling about the love and live of Leonard, Madeleine and Mitchell – one influenced by the other during a year in the early 1980s. Big recommendation!

Daniela Krien – Irgendwann werden wir uns alles erzählen …Yes, indeed a German book!

This one belongs actually a friend of mine. She herself get it as a gift by a friend  of her and after reading it, strongly recommended it to me. To be honest, I have difficulties to remember what it is about (This is what happens when you write your posts in the train without any internet/amazon connection 😉 ), but what I still am able to recall is that it deals with the so-called German-German  History (“Deutsch-Deutsche Geschichte”) and with a couple that has to deal with some of it’s consequences. Thus, there are three good reasons to read it for me: 1. Never underestimate a friend’s book recommendation. 2. It’s a very interesting topic for me, because it’s about a time my own family went through many consequences. 3. I really should read a lot more German books!

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