Pretty Little Things by Jiliane Hoffman

Today I’ll drive to Frankfurt and tomorrow I’ll visit the Frankfurt book fair. That means tomorrow I will be in my personal paradise – books and fairs are two big passions of mine! So, I thought it would be time to present you a book that made it into my bookshelf lately: Pretty Little Things by Jiliane Hoffman.

I bought this book at a train station, just because I was in the mood for a good crime novel and this one sounded interesting: A faceless predator captures young troubled teenage girls using social networks and the web. First, the police believes that the missing girls were ‚only‘ runaways, but slowly they have to realize that they have to deal with a serial killer.

The story includes a lot of troubled minds: The predator (unsurprisingly), the victims (all young girls with troubles at home) and the Special Agent (whose own teenage daughter is missing and believed to be a runaway). It’s a classical crime novel with a lot of suspense and many twists and turns. I really liked to read it and in the end it was a real page-turner!

Have fun while reading and I wish you a thrilling weekend!

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