Good Morning 2015! …With a Delicious Breakfast!

 Sandwich – lemon curd – porridge. Trail mix – french toast – bread pudding. Good morning everyone in the year 2015! Did you celebrate yesterday night? How was your party? After sleeping late there’s nothing better than a good breakfast. Here are some delicious ideas! Enjoy your (late) breakfast! Like always: All credits appear after […]

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Pancakes! Pt. 2

Pic by Franzi Just in case, last week’s post was not seducing enough and you are not already completely bored with the tasty dough disks… Here they come again – PANCAKES! Like promised, this time I will present you my own fail-safe recipe. I found it years ago in a magazine and I believe that

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Pancakes! Pt.1

After posting Hmm… breakfast! Pt. 1 + 2 some of you noted that they missed one essential dish: Pancakes! Honestly, I didn’t expect you to recognize this (I clearly underestimated you 😉 ). Of course I would never forget pancakes when thinking about a perfect start in the morning. I only skipped them back then,

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