Fall Wish List!

Do you feel this certain shift in the light outside right now? It’s not only the chill of the slight breeze, it’s the way colors are changing. Fall is arriving! And with the craving for wool cardigans, log fires and onion tarts I always wish myself a completely new (comfy) wardrobe. Here comes my current […]

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Eco Fall Look!

It already feels like fall since a few weeks right now. So, it’s really time to go through the wardrobe and dig out the fall/winter pieces. Mmmh, maybe I will add some new (eco) items for a fresh breeze and to update my outfits for the current season… Here are some eco fall pieces I

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Fall Gear!

It’s rapidly getting colder (and quiet wet) right now. Some of my pals even turned already the heating on in their flats. Time to check my wardrobe for it fall aptitude. Mmmh… with some tiny addition like shoes, boots, scarves, pulse warmers and hats I may survive the next few weeks ;). Like always: All

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