Apple Jelly!

Pic by Franzi. Nothing feels more like autumn and is as easy as cooking apple jelly with cinnamon. And the big plus: You will preserve this cozy autumnal feeling and think about preparing the jelly on every winter breakfast. It also works as little X-Mas surprise :). Recipe: Makes 11 glasses with 125 ml jelly. […]

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Pic by Franzi. Here’s another gluten-free dish that’s simple and delicious: Apple-potatoes with roasted onions! Recipe: Serves 2. Ingredients: 750 g apples (peeled and cut into pieces) , 750 g potatoes (peeled and cut into pieces), 100 g butter, 3 onions (cut into rings), salt, sugar and a dash of lemon juice. Preparation: Cook the

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The Real Apple Store!

The real apple store was an art installation modeled after an Apple store that displayed 1,000 varieties of British apples by Borough Market in London to celebrate their 1,000th anniversary as well as Apple Day, a holiday celebrating the fruit. The installation let visitors see and taste lots of varieties of apples. I just worked

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