Apple Jelly!

apple-jelly-2Pic by Franzi.

Nothing feels more like autumn and is as easy as cooking apple jelly with cinnamon. And the big plus: You will preserve this cozy autumnal feeling and think about preparing the jelly on every winter breakfast. It also works as little X-Mas surprise :).

Recipe: Makes 11 glasses with 125 ml jelly.


800 ml apple juice (from your own apples or bought), cinnamon sticks (I used one-third of a stick per glass), a knife point gingerbread spice, 450 g sugar, 1 package gelling powder. Moreover: 11 twist-off glasses.


Sterilize your glasses by filling them for at least two minutes with boiling water. Dry the (cooled-down) glasses and add in every glass a piece of cinnamon stick.  In a big pot, combine apple juice, sugar, gelling powder and gingerbread spices. Cook gently for four minutes. Immediately pour into the glasses. Close the lid, turn the glasses around and let cool down for 5 minutes. Then turn around again and let cool down completely.


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