The Fresh and Onlys

„I’m stealing from everybody. When I’m writing, what comes out is the direct result of all the best songs I’ve heard. And the best I’ve ever heard are the ones that hit you straight in the gut.“, Tim Cohen from The Fresh and Onlys admitted lately in an interview with the SPIN magazine. The US …

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My girl crush: Robyn

This is something for the dance floor. I’m quite sure nearly everyone of you is already familiar with this little power-lady. Still, I have to admit it officially- I have a girl crush on Robyn. Especially, when she is performing live. For me it remains unbelievable how she can dance that CRAZY and still sing. …

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Coeur de Pirate

Like you can see in the picture above this week’s music post fits perfectly with yesterday’s tattoo theme since the 22 years old Canadian singer-songwriter Béatrice Martin, better known as Coeur de Pirate, clearly is a tattoo lover. Her French texts are often accompanied by her wonderful piano playing (she started playing it when she …

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The Dø

The french band The Dø is for sure no insider tip anymore, but still I get the urge to present them here today. I adore the voice of singer Olivia Merilahti, love the rhythm of their songs and I’m sometimes struck by their texts which seem to come right out of my life… What’s wrong …

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Local Listening

There is so much musical potential around us… Great bands can be found everywhere. Here are my three local music heroes: PLAY AND REWIND (next gigs: 8.12. HH and 9.12. HB) JOGA CLUB (next gig OS 3.12., Bastard Club) CAUGHT INDIE ACT (next gig 23.12. OS Kleine Freiheit, Kapelle Kapelle Vol. III)


…or Wouter „Wally“ De Backer is an incredible Belgium-Australian singer-songwriter, who is responsible for my private song of the year „Somebody I used to know“. In Australia Gotye is already quite successful, with both the album and the single at number one on the Australian charts. In Germany his new album „Making Mirrors“ will not be …

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