My story with …Selig

Selig’s Ohne Dich was one of the very first songs I fell in love with during my adolescence. I sang it with my friends on the school yard. And it stuck with me ever since… And then, last year, standing in front of the stage, the heavy rain everywhere around me, I saw them live. When they played Ohne Dich, I gave my best and sang with them as loud as possible. Unfortunately, I had to left the concert after the song immediately, but while walking away from it, I was still able to hear their performance to Wir werden uns wiedersehen. – A song that also has a very high meaning for me. I was not able to convince my company to leave the concert with me, because he just had to hear it. Thus, happily enough I realised back then that I’m not the only one who has a big crush on this song, too.

And here’s one more funny story: When I gave my old iPod to my mum, completely filled with my music, she came to me after a while and said: „I really like most of the stuff, but I love Selig.“ You see, it’s in my genes…

Which songs do have a personal meaning for you? I’m curios. Let me know!

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