William Fitzsimmons

Two years ago, I listened the first time to William Fitzsimmons‘ smooth singer-songwriter voice. It was his album The Sparrow and the Crow in which he dealt with the grief and sorrow after his divorce that got my attention. Obviously, its texts are a lot about the sadness and despair after a separation. I really liked the whole package- the voice, the texts, the atmosphere. That’s why I bought concert tickets back then…

…Unfortunately, my heart was broken shortly before the concert and I was more than only uncertain if I really should go there. But I did it. And you now what? It was the funniest concert I ever was. William was gorgeous, he made one joke after the other about the sadness in his songs and shared his cheerful mood with all of us in the audience. In the end, I cycled home, and hummed the happy-version of „You still hurt me“ the whole way long… It was one of the happiest nights of this summer.

Yesterday, a friend of mine told me about her recent break-up. She was listening to William’s record „Beautiful Girl“ the last minutes she shared with the boy. And now she cannot bring herself to relistening to it.

Maybe we should all together sing out loud, „You still hurt me…balala…balala…“ (Yes I mean you, D. and I.).

I swear you, it helps. And I will find out now, when William plays his next concert in Germany.

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